Jenson Button Girlfriend

Due to the fact that Jenson Button is one of the famous sportsmen in the world Jenson Button girlfriend also has to look after herself in order to look perfect for her man and for the public eye. Jenson Button girlfriend is a Japanese model named Jessica Michibata, she is only 28 years old and is a model and that is also a good reason for keeping fit. She also poses for picture only in small underwear that does not cover her body fully. In order to have a good figure for these kind of pictures Jessica states that she has to put a lot of effort.

And the current Jenson Button girlfriend is – Jessica Michibata

When people ask Jenson Button girlfriend what does she does in order to have such kind of figure and she replies that she does a lot of hard work. She goes to the gym every day and works out there and also she does yoga and not to mention all the triathlons. She likes to do all kind of sports and has even participated in a lot of bike competitions and is not planning to stop doing this.
Jenson Button girlfriend met him in Tokyo when they stayed in the same hotel, they met in the bar in the year 2008 and firstly Jessica decided to refuse his offer to go out, because she thought that he is lady’s man and that he asks out a lot of women. After eight months she decided to give in and they became a couple after all.
Jessica did not understand how strong his emotions are for her until he won the Formula One World Champion in Brazil in 2009 and declared that his win is dedicated for his girlfriend saying it loud on television so Jenson Button girlfriend can be happy to have such a man that is not afraid to state his emotions in front of the whole world.
Even though the couple has been split in 2011 and stayed separated for six months, they used to talk even then and after the time spent separated they decided to give their relationships another shot and Jessica once again has the chance to be called as Jenson Button girlfriend. Jessica notes that her man is not afraid to tell her compliment all the time and she admits that she really likes to hear them.
All in all Jenson Button girlfriend is happy to be with him and it seems that this time their relationships are going steady.

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