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Sonni Pacheco can be called Jeremy Renner girlfriend, and not only his girlfriend, but also the mother of their newly born daughter named Ava. He is a famous actor known for a lot of movies including his role among other celebrities in The Avengers and other known movies. Despite the fact that he is 42 years old, they managed to expect a daughter with his girlfriend and now can enjoy their new roles and parents.

And the current Jeremy Renner girlfriend is – Sonni Pacheco

The newly made parents seem to have shared their duties while going somewhere with their baby, for example shopping. Jeremy takes up his manly role and puts his daughter baby seat in and out of their vehicle. While Jeremy Renner girlfriend is driving their little daughter’s stroller, where Ava rest comfortably with her pink blanked put on.
Jeremy Renner girlfriend seems to be getting back to her original forms as fast as she could, because after only two months passed from her giving birth and she was already dressed in skinny jeans showing her perfect body curves and nice lines.
Jeremy Renner girlfriend and Jeremy himself are thrilled to have a healthy baby daughter, who weighs 7 labels. He states that his wife and daughter are doing perfectly and that they all love their new life as a complete family. Also his friends note that he will make a perfect dad and that he loves her daughter very much.
Jeremy Renner has also stated that the fatherhood is going to be one of the most challenging roles in his lifetime, because he has no experience in it. Further it seems that Jeremy Renner girlfriend was not putting a lot of effort into their relationship, because they divorced before he knew that he was going to be a father with her. Their friend states that Jeremy wanted to keep his private life and what is going on in it just for them and she was quite the opposite, she wanted that everyone would know what is going on. So although she is still called as Jeremy Renner girlfriend this is not quite true and mostly because of her faults not his.
Thus, Renner took her to live in his house during her pregnancy, because he wanted to be a dad very much and loves his girl a lot. Sonni must be sad that she does not have the title of being Jeremy Renner girlfriend, but still, she must be happy of having a daughter from him.

jeremy renner girlfriend

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