Jesse Eisenberg Girlfriend

Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend seems to be new for him and the couple has not yet confirmed their relationship in media. He is reported to be dating Mia Wasikowska. The internet of full of their pictures when they were having a good time in Toronto walking together and kissing without paying any attention to people that might be watching or taking pictures of their moments.

And the current Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend is – Mia Wasikowska

The new couple has been photographer while they were kissing each other in one café in Toronto and while Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend was walking hand in hand with him and acting like a real couple. People that were around them state that it is no doubt that these two are seriously together and that this is not just an ordinary romance. It looks like they have started their relationships after being co-stars in The Double and no one knows when exactly their relationships began to be serious enough to call them a couple. Jesse, who is 29 year old, was extremely interested in what Mia, who is 23 years old was telling to him and he looked amazed by this girl.
Jesse has had other girlfriends in his life and was linked to Anna Strout the previous year, but these were only rumors and she did not get the chance to be called as Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend. He has stated that his present girl is wonderful and they are happy in one another’s company. He states that the movie where they acted together was really difficult for the actors and that Mia manages to do great things with her acting abilities she manages to cope with her tasks and makes her character perfect just the way that it is supposed to be. Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend is known because of her abilities to act and because she chooses interesting characters and movies that she wants to be in just like Jesse himself.
Jesse is known for his movie The Social Network that he gained a lot of success for, because of his acting abilities and the character that he played and Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend is mostly known because of her role in Alice in Wonderland. Jesse states that before the new Jesse Eisenberg girlfriend he has only been in one serious relationship in his entire life, not counting all the rumors and romances, so he and Mia are perfect for one another, because the both have perfect abilities in acting and they seem to find other similarities.

jesse eisenberg girlfriend

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