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It looks like Jesse James is famous for his marriages and the fact that he falls in love very fast and wants to get married as soon as he does. He was also in a relationship with the famous actress Sandra Bullock and she was known as Jesse James girlfriend for some time and they were even married. Thus he has made crucial mistakes in their marriage because he cheated on Jesse James girlfriend, Sandra, and broke her heart. Then in 2010 their marriage came to an end and he was single again, but not for long. In 2011 he was engaged with the new Jesse James girlfriend named Kat Von D, but at the same year ended their engagement.

And the current Jesse James girlfriend is – Alexis DeJoria

And now he has been engaged with Alexis DeJoria, who is the newest Jesse James girlfriend. Even though they were dating for seven months only that did not get in the way for the 43 years old Jesse, who is a motorcycle manufacturer to marry his girlfriend, who is 35 years old, so he must really love to get married or to have the party that follows every marriage. It looks like their marriage took place in the house of Jesse James girlfriend father in Malibu, California.
Jesse James girlfriend began to be with him since 2012 and the most common thing that they both share is their love for fast cars. They have been living together for some time now in Austin, because Alexis races there. They both also share another thing is that they both have daughters and they took up roles as flower girls in their wedding and made them happy. And it is a good thing that Jesse James girlfriend is not afraid that he is going to leave her or cheat on her, because this seems to be in his nature.
He has had three wives before and she is his fourth, so Jesse James likes to end his marriage just as he likes to create one. Even though he has cheated on most of his wives, and broke their heart this does not scare Jesse James girlfriend. After he has separated with one of his wives she has stated on her account that he has cheated on her with 19 women and that is a big number. So if Jesse James girlfriend wants to keep him she has to do everything the right way and keep an eye on him.

jesse james girlfriend

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