Jesse Metcalfe Girlfriend

It looks like Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend is Cara Santana. And he is known from his role in television series and he has played along such actors as Eva Longoria in the famous television show Desperate Housewives. And now it looks like he has decided to make Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend not only his girl, but also his partner in life and has asked her to become his wife and to marry him. Thus it might be about time for him to create a family because he is 33 years old and Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend seems to be serious for him and their relationship look serious so he has asked her to become his fiancé.

And the current Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend is – Cara Santana

The couple began to date in 2009 and Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend seems to be an upcoming actress also. Thus a source has also stated that Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend has been living together with him for at least three years now so they are like a family and it would be about time to make their family official. Further when in one interview his spokesman was asked the question about their relationship he did not answer anything specific just stated that they do not comment on their clients’ personal lives and this is it. It looks like Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend travels together with him where he has to go. And they have taken their private jet in order for him to fly to press weekend that took place in LA and he has posted on his twitter account that he is going together with Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend and he has called her nicely. Further he has put a picture of the couple before going to the plain and they look fantastic in it looks like they are made for one another.
Thus it looks like Cara is not the first one that can be called as Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend, because in 2008 he ended his relationship with the former one named Nadine Coyle. Their romance lasted for a couple of years before coming to an end and after this he got into relationship with Cara. Thus it looks like plenty of his fans do not understand his relationship with Jesse Metcalfe girlfriend because they state that she is not good enough for him but as long as he is happy then his fans are also happy and he looks really content together with her.

jesse metcalfe girlfriend

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