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Jessie J has revealed in one interview for the British Telegraph that she is bisexual and that she considers different options in her life either to get Jessie J girlfriend or to have Jessie J boyfriend. She has also stated that it is much easier to get a girl that could be called as Jessie J girlfriend than to look for a boy that would also be bisexual or at least like bisexual women. The singer states that she also likes bisexual women more than men, due to a simple reason, that men like to see to women.

And the current Jessie J girlfriend is – Single

Jessie has states that she is looking for potential people that could become as Jessie J girlfriend or boyfriend. But she states that she is not the crazy person that she used to be two years ago and now she just wants someone that could keep her warm during cold winter days. She is searching for a person that would just love her and that would be not afraid to be with her and be known as Jessie J girlfriend or boyfriend.
She states that the most important thing is not what a person has and what his sexual orientation is, but who he is inside and his personality. In the past the singer has had experience with Jessie J girlfriend as well as Jessie J boyfriend so she knows with who it is easier to be women or men. Jessie states that it is much easier these times to go openly about whom you are and what you prefer in your personal life and if she has Jessie J girlfriend the public reaction is not as bad as it used to be before. Thus it seems that the rumors have it that Jessie is going out with someone also famous and also into music.
It appears that the singer instead of having Jessie J girlfriend choose a man and that she is dating Tinnie Tempah and from the beginning these were only rumors that started when they met in one charity event, but there are more and more sources that state about these two being together and that Tinnie is a good man that likes to help people just like Jessie and that these two are similar when it comes to good character. But yet these rumors are not confirmed. So it seems that all the potential women that wanted to become Jessie J girlfriend should be worried, because it is possible that she choose a man.

jessie j girlfriend

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