Jillian Michaels Girlfriend

Due to the fact that Jillian is lesbian she openly shows off with Jillian Michaels girlfriend Heidi Rhodes and their relationship is no surprise for people. Not only that they make a great couple and are perfect partners for one another, they are also great parents for their two children.

And the current Jillian Michaels girlfriend is – Heidi Rhoades

Jillian Michaels girlfriend is not so famous and to learn more about her people have to search a lot, because there are not so much pictures of her in the internet and not as much information as it could be. Heidi is known to be a professional yoga instructor and that is her way of earning for living. She has given birth to one of her son’s the biological one named Phoenix, on the 3rd of May, 2012. Further Jillian Michaels girlfriend has adopted a girl from Haiti named Lukensia. So they both raise Heidi’s children together.
According to sources their relationship has started in 2009 and they have lasted since know so in total they have been together for almost five years. Their pictures show them as two happy people enjoying their time together and happily in love. Even though Jillian Michaels girlfriend has a big resemblance to Jodie Foster they seem perfectly fit together and made for one another.
Jillian Michaels girlfriend has achieved a lot of nice words from Jillian on her Facebook profile. Jillian has stated that she is happy about the birth of their son and the adoption of their daughter and she has stated these events for all the people to know how happy she is with her partner in life and how glad she is to be with her on their journey of life together and that they wanted for the public to know about their relationship.
Jillian Michaels girlfriend and Jillian could not hide their relationships after the birth of Phoenix and due to the fact that Michaels is popular among people, because she is a celebrity trainer there was no way that they could hide their relationships any more. So they decided to do something about it. As Michael states they thought together how they are supposed to hide a newborn from people and the answer was obvious, why should they hide it if they can come out.
Jillian Michaels girlfriend and Jillian state that declaring their relationship in public was not coming out because their relationship were not a secret, they just showed their family and that is it.

jillian michaels girlfriend jillian michaels girlfriend

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