Jim Carrey Girlfriend

It looks like Jim Carrey girlfriend does not exist anymore and he is single again and on the market for other women to grab him, because he is a great man. Jim is a famous actor that is capable of acting not only in comedies, even though he acts in them for most of the time, but also in serious movies he manages to make his character as real as possible. So the most recent Jim Carrey girlfriend was Cathriona White, but he has declared that his relationship came to an end and that he is single again not so long ago.

And the current Jim Carrey girlfriend is – Single

The former Jim Carrey girlfriend met him in L.A., where she is staying at the moment, she is 26 years old and they met in one of the most beautiful time of the year just before Christmas. It appears that Jim Carrey girlfriend fell completely for him, so as he did for her and they became madly in love with each other. The couple has been photographed having their vacation in Malibu beach, but ever since then they tried real hard to keep a low profile in order not to show their personal life for everyone that is curious about them.
Thus when the actor confirmed about Jim Carrey girlfriend and his brake up he stated that he did go out with an Irish girl, but they are doing this anymore and being polite he stated that he still likes her and that she is a nice person. Jim, who is 51 years old, should start thinking about creating a family and not about romance that is really short in his life.
There were also other women that got the chance to be called as Jim Carrey girlfriend, he has dated a Playboy model for five years of his life, but their relationship broke off for some kind of reasons and he has had other women also. Jim can seem quite strange sometimes so it might be hard to know the real person that he is, because once he has stated that when he was on his journey he has saw God, but that is not strange, because he was travelling the place where people were going in order to find some visions so maybe he experienced a vision also. So Jim Carrey girlfriend should be patient, but life with the actor should be fun, because he is supposed to make people laugh and is good at it.

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