Joan Jett Girlfriend

At the moment there does not exist Joan Jett girlfriend and she is single and on the market for other women to grab, because she is either a lesbian or bisexual but no one knows for sure witch of this statement she prefers to be called more. It looks like Joan Jett girlfriend does not exist because she does not want to be with anyone at the moment, because she has plenty of fans and would find someone that would suit her quite fast if she would like to do this, but as long as she is good being single that is great for her fans that can have hopes of someday becoming known as Joan Jett girlfriend.

And the current Joan Jett girlfriend is – Single

Thus, in the past Joan has been linked to other women and she has had partners. For example the most recent Joan Jett girlfriend was the famous actress that has spectacular body lines named Carmen Electra. It looks like they have been together after Carmen broke up with her former boyfriend when they finished to work together in one reality show and then she was left alone and happy about it. So the former Joan Jett girlfriend states that it was a good thing to be alone because she could go back to doing things that she likes with her friends and having some time together with them. It appears that Carmen did not have enough time to take care of herself and now that she was single from her boyfriend she got the opportunity to take care of girly stuff and have all the time that she needs for herself.
And when former Joan Jett girlfriend was spending girly time that she needed and made all the people believe that she is having it she was attending Joan concert, where they have been seen acting not only as close friends but like a couple and in love, they were kissing and hugging and that was the time that rumors spread about Carmen being Joan Jett girlfriend.
Even though this was noticed only once people began to think that Carmen is Joan Jett girlfriend, but when people asked questions their representative stated that Carmen was only thanking her for the front row seat so it is an interesting way to say thank you. It looks like this was the only time that they were seen like this by other people so Carmen is no longer known as Joan Jett girlfriend.

joan jett girlfriend

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