Joaquin Phoenix Girlfriend

It appears that the actor Joaquin Phoenix is going to have his comeback in the movies, because he has fixed some of his problems. It appears that when the actor has had personal or other problems it was highly noticeable on him and his work was not as good as it was supposed to be, so know it seems that everything is left in the past and he will be on the screen again showing what he can do best.

And the current Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend is – Heather Christie

It seems that there is a new Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend and her name is Heather Christie. The actor has taken her to Toronto Film Festival and they were captured there together looking like a real couple so New York Daily News announced that they are a couple and that 26 year old Heather is Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend. She is also an actress and Joaquin is not the first serious man in her life, thus her age can tell this. She has been in relationship with Anthony Kiedis that is a musician and is a part of a known group named Red Hot Chili Peppers. And not only that she was in relationship with him they also have a boy, who is five years old, so she became a mother when she was just 21 years old.
A source has stated for the Daily News that Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend has been with him for a couple of months and finally he decided to ask her out as a company for him in this event because it was time to show everyone that they are seriously together. It appears that their relationship are quite serious, because Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend has allowed Joaquin to get to know her son and the source has stated that they bond perfectly and that he would make a great father, because he really knows how to act with children and this makes Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend even more happy, because now she does not have nothing to worry about since the two men that at the moment are the most important in her life can get along.
Also the actor had relationship in his life before Heather, he has dated Liv Tyler for three years and she was known as Joaquin Phoenix girlfriend, but their relationship came to an end. The fact that he is so good with children is not so surprising after all, because Joaquin is an uncle and a great one.

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