Jodie Foster Girlfriend

In 2007 Jodie Foster came out as lesbian and she openly announced her ongoing relationship with Jodie Forster girlfriend Cydney Bernard. They have been together for 14 years and managed to keep their relationship a secret. Jodie Foster girlfriend met her when they both were staring in one movie called Sommersby in 1993 and they began to live together in Jodie’s Malibu home and raised two children together.

And the current Jodie Foster girlfriend is – no girlfriend

Jodie gave birth to two boys whose father is not known and who were living with them both while they were together. Foster has never revealed the identity of the father of her children because of her sexual orientation and because of the circumstances. The rumors were that the father of her children is an old friend from university who is also homosexual, but she has never confirmed this opinion.

Judie Foster girlfriend was hidden from the society because the opinion of many people was that if she would came out her carrier would suffer, because the situation of homosexuals was not as nice as it is now, when she was younger. But when she finally came out it was a big relieve, because she was not supposed to hide who she is anymore.

After a long term relationship of many years spent together and after raising two boys’ together Jodie Foster girlfriend and Jodie came to an end, they separated in 2007. Even though their relationships have ended their relationship seems to be strong enough after this, because Jodie thanked Jodie Foster girlfriend for being with her in 2013 Golden Globe awards.

Jodie Foster girlfriend received a lot of nice words from her ex in these awards and a lot of thanking notes were felt in her voice. Jodie stated that she will always be grateful for her partner in life and her best friend she even named Cydney as her best friend of entire life. Jodie Foster girlfriend was the best thing in her life and Jodie thanked her for helping her to raise their boys together and for everything that she achieved se said that Cydney was a big part in it and that she was her soul sister and will be named it until the end of her life.

Jodie Foster girlfriend was the best person that she known in her life and Jodie loved her very much and her love can be sensed even now, when they are separated for more than six years, but who knows maybe they will reunite someday.

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