Joe Manganiello Girlfriend

Joe Manganiello girlfriend in Bridget Peters and she is a model. Joe seems to have been dating another woman last year in summertime, which was blonde, but now he has a new ladylove that is dark and beautiful. Joe is the star of television series True Blood and he has been seen in Los Angeles with the new Joe Manganiello girlfriend.

And the current Joe Manganiello girlfriend is – Bridget Peters

Joe Manganiello girlfriend is naturally beautiful and she needs no make-up to look nice and casual. When the couple is going for a walk they usually dress in a casual way and Bridget looks perfect without make-up and with a maxi dress that makes her even simpler and Joe dresses up in simple jeans and t-shirts that make his muscles look even bigger that they really are.
According to Peoples magazine the couple started to go out after one boxing match that was happening in Las Vegas last year and that was the place where Joe Manganiello girlfriend met him. She was working as a ring girl during this evening and Joe interested into her from the beginning that he saw her and it seems that their couple is inseparable since then.
It seems that Joe Manganiello girlfriend is fateful to him and agrees to travel wherever he needs or wants to go together, because they have been to Atlanta, Sweden and Miami. It seems that they like to go out and see different things that they both like, for example they both are into watching boxing and they have been to Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez fight at the MGM Grand. Further they spend time with Joe’s family, because together with his brother and father Joe Manganiello girlfriend has attended a show of Cirque du Soleil and enjoyed their time spend together in this magnificent event.
Further, it seems that Bridget has the perfect body lines for Joe, because he has mentioned before in some interviews that he does not like skinny women, because he is big himself and that many Hollywood actresses are too skinny and their figure does not look good for him. He has stated that he likes women that look healthy and have nice curves so Joe Manganiello girlfriend looks perfect for him and he adores her body shape.
Joe is content with his dark haired model girl and even though there were many relationships in his life and plenty of women got to be called as Joe Manganiello girlfriend Bridget is his girl at the moment.

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