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In one recent interview John Abraham has revealed how he met Priya Runchal, who is known as John Abraham girlfriend. In looks like the couple has met before she started to go to the same gym where he worked out. John has stated that they met through common friends who worked at the World Bank in Mumbai.

And the current John Abraham girlfriend is – Priya Runchal

It looks that their relationship are serious and John has plans for their future. After a successful movie Vicky Donor, that John has producer, he decided that he wants some changes in his life and proposed for the John Abraham girlfriend. When John was only an actor he did not want to make any commitment, but when he gained success in producing also and showed the world his abilities to be good producer John decided to settle down.
There were rumors that John Abraham girlfriend has been made his wife earlier this year, but these were only rumors because these two decided to marry latter on this year. He states that they have honest relationships, where they both are not afraid to talk about whatever they want to with each other and that make them both happy. The couple wants to have small wedding with only about ten people participating and they all would be family members and John notes that due to the fact that he is impulsive the date of the wedding might not be settled, because he can decide to get married after a couple of weeks or in couple of months.
It looks that John had another girl when he met Priya. The former John Abraham girlfriend was Bipasha Basu and they were going to the same gym where John met Priya. It looks that Priya was a friend that Bipasha did not seem to be threatened by in her relationships, but slowly she became more than just a friend for John. The former John Abraham girlfriend broke up with him after he was accused of cheating her, but she has not been really sad because of this. In the beginning the former John Abraham girlfriend states that she was vulnerable after the brake up, but latter on she has gotten over John and forgot him.
John Abraham girlfriend looks like she is the one for him, because he states that due to her profession she does not make a lot of pretenses and they do not fight a lot, just rarely and she makes him happy and that is the most important for John.

john abraham girlfriend

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