John Legend Girlfriend

John Legend is a singer that is highly known and John Legend girlfriend is Chrissy Teigen. Not only that she is her girl, but John decided to propose for her and she agreed to marry him. So the couple has plenty of things to take care before their wedding and they have to plan a lot of things in order to become a family in front of their guests and to make their celebration perfect so that it could be remembered for the rest of their lives and so that their guest can have something to talk about.

And the current John Legend girlfriend is – Chrissy Teigen

John Legend girlfriend has stopped at one shown in order to share her plans for the wedding and so that the world could know what they are planning to have for eating and other things. She has stated that the guest should prepare for the food that will be served at their celebration, for example the cake will be “crepe cake” that will be made of layers of crepe, pastry filling and raspberry sauce. Due to the fact that John Legend girlfriend is a swimsuit model so her figure is perfect and she can choose the dress that she wants and no doubt that it will suit her.
Further it seems that the first time that John Legend girlfriend chooses the dress was unsuccessful, because her fiancé saw it and she had to choose again. So she did it and decided to wear Vera Wang that is gorgeous and soft and special for her. John Legend girlfriend states that he wants the ceremony to be old fashioned and he does not want to see the dress, because it would be a bad sign for the newlyweds, so when he accidently saw the dress, because it was on the screen of her computer, she immediately decided to change it in order to make him happy.
The couple met each other in the year 2007 when John was doing his video for the song “Stereo” and John Legend girlfriend states that he was the first one to show the attention for her. Their engagement happened in 2011 in December and finally they are planning their wedding. John Legend girlfriend states that it is a hard work to plan a celebration that you want and that you are going to remember for all your life, but she seems quite good at it and their wedding will be perfect for both of them.

john legend girlfriend john legend girlfriend

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