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Johny Depp is an actor, famous for the role that he took up in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. In one interview he has finally agreed to reveal the reasons why he broke up with the former Johny Depp girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, after fourteen years of relationships. Johny states himself that breaking up a relationship is hard, especially when children are involved.

And the current Johny Depp girlfriend is – Amber Heard

It seems that Johny Depp girlfriend was left alone last summer, because that was the time when Johny broke up with her and he has not spoken about this until recent time. He notes that in general relationships are difficult and when you are consistently far away from your family it becomes even harder. Johny has stated that the last couple of years were extremely hard, because either he was away either they were away from it, so he felt lonely. He notes that the brake up was not easy for anyone and that the reasons for ending this relationship came together for a long time until he decided to end them.
Former Johny Depp girlfriend is also the mother of his kinds, so it is obvious that they are going to stay in each other lives one way or another, because he wants to take care of his children also. Further Johny notes that even if relationships come to an end the fact that you have known the person that you were with for a long time stays and you might continue to be nice with that person, because you will have to communicate with him.
Johny states that breaking up with Johny Depp girlfriend did not make him to grab a drink of alcohol or rely on it or do some other things that are not the best way in trying to forget your sorrow. He states that the most important thing for him during his break up was to make sure that his children are fine and that they are going to be alright. He states that his two children understood and that was a great thing.
It looks like now Johny has a new girlfriend named Amber Heard, who is twenty three years younger than him. His relationship with the new Johny Depp girlfriend seems to be going strong and well for them both. Further it appears that Johny Depp ex-girlfriend does not think that his new relationships will last for a long time and she thinks that the new Johny Depp girlfriend is just looking for a man with money. So time will tell.

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