Jon Hamm Girlfriend

Jon Hamm does not have so serious characters that he plays, but in real life he seems to be a serious man that manages to keep his relationship in perfect shape. John Hamm girlfriend is Jennifer Westfeldt and she has been his girl for fifteen years now, so they must be perfect for each other and they make a great couple.

And the current Jon Hamm girlfriend is – Jennifer Westfeldt

Jon Hamm girlfriend is famous in making movies, because not only that she is an actor she also a producer and a respective persona in this kind of business. She became a director when she worked on Friends with Kids, but this was not the first time that she had multiple roles on the set and that was not her first experience during many things the same time. Kissing Jessica Stein that was made in 2001 and 2006’s Ira and Abby where both movies that she wrote, produced and was acting in and they both are about complicated relationship, so she must know how to work with these kind of topics and the fact that Jon Hamm girlfriend has been with him for fifteen years might not make sense, because she is a fan of dysfunctional relationships.
Further Jon Hamm girlfriend is not only a movie star and she appears not just in television it seems that she used to star in Broadway and also in theatre at the beginning of her carrier. She has been awarded for one of her roles in Wonderful Town and she gained Tony award for her role as Eileen.
Jon Hamm girlfriend lives together with him and that is obvious because of their long lasting relationships. They live in an apartment in New York that has two bedrooms. They do not want to have children yet, but they have made promises for one another concerning their relationship and that must be how they work. No matter how intense their schedules are they cannot be away from one another for more than two weeks, because that is what they promised for each other.
Jon Hamm girlfriend is from Swedish origin and it appears that she has some kind of noble blood, but that is not so important for her. The fact that Jon Hamm girlfriend started her carrier as a director it may be assumed that she has a lot to achieve on her way and her carrier will not end soon enough so the couple has to be patient for one another in order to keep their relationship as strong as they are now.

jon hamm girlfriend jon hamm girlfriend

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