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Due to the fact that Jonah is so funny and has a great sense of humor, because most of his carrier he has acted in comedies, but there were also serious movies where he tried his acting abilities and managed to cope with very role that he taken up. The title of being Jonah Hill girlfriend was available since in 2012 he ended up his relationships with Ali Hoffman.

And the current Jonah Hill girlfriend is – Jordan Klein

Jonah Hill girlfriend, Ali, has been with him for nine months and that is not so short, but it looks like she decided to end their relationship. Jonah met Ali when he was on vacation in Hawaii last Christmas and there he spent time with her family, because her father is also famous in the sphere of acting his name is Dustin Hoffman. And their relationship started in January after some time after they met. In March in one interview Jonah has opened up about the former Jonah Hill girlfriend and he has stated that she makes him happy and that she is a wonderful person. It seems that not particularly Hawaii was the place where they met; Jonah has attended high school with Ali’s brother, so they know each other for some time. Jonah has also states that it was Ali’s father that encouraged him to be an actor and he is grateful for this.
Thus, before he dated Ai Hoffman there was another girl known as Jonah Hill girlfriend that was his friend from high school named Jordan Klein and they have been together for a period of four years and that is a real long time. The pair has ended their relationships at the end of 2011. And life is full of surprises, because Jonah Hill and the former Jonah Hill girlfriend Jordan were seen together recently enjoying their time, going for a walk and kissing on the street.
It seems that Jonah Hill girlfriend, apparently she can be called like this again was enjoying time spent with him in one café and they were all over one another kissing and holding hands and laughing, without any fear that they will be photographed. The fact that this couple is back together does not surprise anyone because they have known each other for long and the been a couple also for a long time, so they know each other perfectly and when they are reunited maybe they won’t make the same mistakes that split them for the first time.

jonah hill girlfriend

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