Jonathan Rhys Meyers Girlfriend

Jonathan is a famous actor who has had different women in his life and has acted in many movies and television shows. It looks that he has had some difficulties in his lifetime, but now everything seems to be alright with him, because he has been seen healthy and normal in different events that he has participated, so he must have sorted out everything that was bothering him in the past. There were many rumors about Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend, but not all of the rumors were true.

And the current Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend is – Victoria Keon-Cohen

Once he was related with his co-star of one movie Natalia Vodianova, but the rumors were seen untrue, because it looks that the girl that media called as Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend only goes out with billionaires and not with men that have less money than a billion. Even if it looked that something is going on between them that was not true. But then the rumors spread that his relationships with Reena Hammer, who was known as the real Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend came to an end and that was true, because the couple has separated for a long time.
It appears that after he separated with Reena and a few months passed the rumors that he was with Victoria Keon-Cohen began to spread and these rumors are true and she can be called as the new Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend. It looks like Victoria has helped Jonathan to fight against all of the demons that he had in order to improve his life so she must be a good girl for him. Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend understands that his problems that he had with alcohol are really important and they do not go away just like that. Even his friends notice that Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend is a good example for him and that she makes him a better person.
It looks that finally Jonathan Rhys Meyer girlfriend is a well-respected woman and they have a clean and normal relationship based on trust and respect for one another and the fact that his girl understands him in different situations in his life is important. They spend a lot of time together and appear in public without being afraid of the public reaction. They look happy together and they must find something in one another that makes them content with each other. So Jonathan Rhys girlfriend is a perfect fit for this actor.

jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend

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