Jonathan Toews Girlfriend

Jonathan Toews is known for being once the part of the team that won the Stanley Cup and he has been leading the team once again to the victory, but it seems that to many persons he is the winner not because of his achievements in sports, but because of the woman that stands beside him. It is the famous model known for her spectacular looks Lindsey Vecchione.

And the current Jonathan Toews girlfriend is – Lindsey Vecchione

Jonathan Toews girlfriend has been seen for the public for a long time and there were people interested in her as her name grew more and more famous because of her ability to use her looks in order to achieve something in her modeling carrier. Due to the way that she is a pretty blond girl with perfect face and nice body lines Jonathan Toews girlfriend has even posed for Playboy magazine. It seems that Lindsey is attracting a lot of attention now, not only because of how she looks, but also cause she is with Jonathan and that makes her more popular.
The couple has tried to hide their relationships first when they began in 2011, because Toews did not agree that he has a girlfriend, but everything comes out some day. Jonathan Toews girlfriend began to date with him some time around Christmas in 2011 so their relationship has lasted for a long time now. The first picture that appeared on the internet of these two together was in 2012 March. The picture was posted on Facebook and Lindsey appeared like a different person in these pictures.
When they posted their pictures Lindsey has a small make up on her, not like she used to have before, her clothes were simple and ordinary not like she used to wear before and her hair extensions were removed, so she has changed and became simpler.
Jonathan Toews girlfriend is kind of hidden from the society by him, he tries not to be seen in public with her for some kind of reasons and that is a strange thing when you think about it. It looks like she still is seen not like his partner of life, but maybe she is good with her present situation. Jonathan Toews girlfriend one way or another looks hot for a lot of people and if Jonathan does not like her the way that she is there would be plenty of men that want to date her, but until they are content with their relationships they will be together.

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