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Josh Groban is a singer that does not have a girlfriend now, but he used to date one woman that he cannot forget until now. He has revealed in one interview that the longest relationships that he was into was with January Jones and that they were into one another for real. He states that he was incredibly happy to have her as Josh Groban girlfriend. He states himself that the year and a half was the best time in his life and that he was the happiest time for him. Further he notes that these relationships were certainly the longest ones that he has ever been in.

And the current Josh Groban girlfriend is – Single

Now the former Josh Groban girlfriend is a single mother and no one knows who the father of her child is, because she does not want to reveal it and likes to keep it to her. The baby of former Josh Groban girlfriend is only sixteen months old. January is famous because of her role in television series Mad Men.
Josh Groban himself notes that he would love to find another girl that the public could call as Josh Groban girlfriend and be happy with her, because he states that he is romantic and wants to share his life with someone. The actor, who is only 31, notes that he would want to have a serious relationship not just some kind of romances.
Josh Groban has been linked with the pop star Katy Perry, which press wanted to call as Josh Groban girlfriend, but even if they were together it was only for a short time. When Josh is asked what happened between him and the Russell Brand’s ex-wife, who is now dating someone else, he states that they were good friend and does not get into details about these relationships.
Josh would not like a girl that would want to play his records for him, because he states that his own music does not turn him on. An once when he was having dinner with potential Josh Groban girlfriend she tried to attract him playing his music and that was a big mistake because he does not like it. Josh has also noted that he did not have time to date ordinary women and with the release of his sixth album there is a doubt that he will have time. All in all he wants to have a girl that would be known as Josh Groban girlfriend and give her all the love that he has.

josh groban girlfriend

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