Jude Law Girlfriend

It looks like Alicia Rountree can be called as Jude Law girlfriend and even though their age difference is fifteen years that does not bother either of them. It appears that rumors about their relationship have spread when he was going to France and there was a mystery woman travelling together with him. It looks like the new Jude Law girlfriend is a model, who is 25 years old. They have been seen together in the airport just as soon as they arrived to France and paparazzi began to take pictures of them. It looks like Jude Law girlfriend is an important person in his life, because one magazine has reported that their relationship are going in a serious way and that he thinks nice things about her.

And the current Jude Law girlfriend is – Alicia Rountree

It looks like Jude has stated that she is sweet and gorgeous. It seems that their relationship have not lasted for a long time since now, but their taking it really fast, because he took Jude Law girlfriend to the premiere of the movie that he has acted in called Side Effect. A source has stated about Jude Law girlfriend that she comes from a really good family and that even though she is young she is mature. It appers that the fact that Jude Law girlfriend has been modeling from the early ages of her life she had to grow up fast and did it. Alicia has filmed in commercial of Heineken recently and because she has saved some money she is a half owner of one restaurant in New York.
Thus, Jude must like his women a little younger than he is because he has dated a younger girl before he is dating Alicia, but their relationship ended and he began to go out with the model now. It looks like Jude Law girlfriend was ready to stay with him in France just as long as he needs because she brought a lot of things with her. They both looked relaxed and happy when they were walking out of the airport. Jude Law girlfriend was confident about herself, because she was wearing no make-up and managed to look fantastic this way.
Jude has dated other women in his past and once he has even been married to one girl that was not only Jude Law girlfriend, but also his wife, but even though they had children together their marriage came to an end and now he is with Alicia.

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