Justin Bieber girlfriend

We all know Justin Bieber as the boy who is loved by a lot of fans from all over the world. But recently he has lost one fans and it is ex Justin Bieber girlfriend Selena Gomez. As the singer says herself, she is laughing at his immature and not appropriate behaviour.
Previous Justin Bieber girlfriend just does not care about a famous singer anymore because she feels too mature for him. Now she enjoys hanging out with her friends and spending the free time on her own. As most of the fans from around the world find Bieber‘s behaviour hot or even sexy, she thinks quite otherwise.

And the current Justin Bieber girlfriend is – Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke

Someone close to ex Justin Bieber girlfriend Selena Gomez said that she wants to date someone who is more grown up and more elegant than Justin Bieber is. As Selena says, she thinks that Justin has become a person which is not suitable anymore for her and that is the reason why she dumped him.

But singer‘s mom thinks that former Justin Bieber girlfriend Selena Gomez was the one for her son. She still wants them to get back together. Of course, his mother does not want to make decisions for his 18 years old son, but she is still describing his ex girlfriend as a sweetheart.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber did not stay on single people market for a long time. According to some gossips found on the magazines, pop singer is already meeting another ambitious singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke. As former Justin Bieber girlfriend Selena was quite popular for herself with her song Love You like a Love Song, his new girlfriend is quite unknown yet. Hopefully she is dating Bieber because she loves him, not only because to get some fame towards her?
On the other hand, ex Justin Bieber girlfriend one day was spotted leaving singer‘s house for some reasons. As they were not seeing each other anymore at that time, it was quite odd seeing Selena leaving Justin‘s house.

But Justin Bieber does not look as good as Selena does and does not seem like he would be having a time of his life. Even though he is dating a new girl, currently he is writing a new song to drown his sorrow over Selena Gomez.
Even the singer himself said that he is not happy anymore without Selena. Hopefully, everything will turn out just fine, though it does not look like they would get back together.

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