Justin Timberlake Girlfriend

Justin Timberlake a known singer all over the world is also known, because of his acting abilities has been of the stage for some time, because he was taking a break, but as soon as he came back and started to make songs he became popular again and his hits such as Mirrors brought him a lot of success and more fame, so Justin Timberlake girlfriend can be proud of him. Not only that there is Justin Timberlake girlfriend named Jessica Biel, he has married her and they made a family.

And the current Justin Timberlake girlfriend is – Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake girlfriend comes to his concerts and likes to take pictures of him when he makes his moves and sings, she is not only his wife, but also his biggest fan and the fact that she comes to support him, while he is on stage is making his fans happy. The couple has married in October in 2012 and apparently they are planning to have children after some time. Thus, Justin has stated that he does not want to push up things and make them happen faster and that he leaves the question of children in fate’s hands and that when they are supposed to have kinds then they will have them. It sees that Justin Timberlake girlfriend is more worried about the effect that pregnancy is going to make on her body than the fact that they are going to have children one day.
Thus Justin Timberlake girlfriend still wants to have children even though she is worried about her body and as long as Justin has made it clear that he is going to be with her and only her and he is devoted to Jessica she can be perfectly calm and happy with him and they both want to make it happen. When Justin was asked about having children he has stated that there is plenty of time ahead in their lives in order to have a bigger family and take care of children.
Further it looks like even though they were together for some time Justin Timberlake girlfriend suits him perfectly, because he has stated that no matter how many bad decisions he is going to make in his life he has made one perfect one in marrying Jessica and he states that Justin Timberlake girlfriend is not only his wife, she is also his friend and it suits him perfectly.

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