Kaka Girlfriend

Kaka girlfriend met him in 2002 in the country that they both are from in Brazil. It looks like Caroline Celico, that is the name of Kaka girlfriend and Kaka have an age difference of six years but this does not matter for them, because it is not so big. It looks like they decided to become more than just a couple and got married after three years of their relationship in 2005. Thus it looks like they were still young both of them when they got married and these relationships were the first ones for them both that were really serious, so maybe than can be called like first love for one another.

And the current Kaka girlfriend is – Caroline Celico

It looks like Kaka girlfriend has a lot of things in common with Kaka. They both are Christian and they are openly religious and they believe. It looks like because of the fact that they are so religious they have been virgin both of them until the day that they became married. It looks like Kaka in one interview has stated this himself, because he told the media that the Bible teaches that true love has to wait until they are marriage because then it is more beautiful and perfect and so they did wait.
Further Kaka girlfriend has given birth to two children during their marriage one is one year old and another is three years old. It looks like due to the fact that Kaka has signed the contract with Real Madrid, Kaka girlfriend decided to fund a church in Madrid because she is also as faithful as her husband. Further it looks like Kaka girlfriend also likes to sing in the choir occasionally so she must have a good voice in order to do this. It looks like she loves music as much as she loves her faith, because she has released a Christian music album. Not only this, but Kaka also appears on one song of the album, because he has created one song for Kaka girlfriend.
There are talks that Kaka girlfriend is shy, but she can express her opinion in a clear way, because she has told in one interview that God wanted for her husband to be in Madrid and that God gave money to the team that he has signed the contract with and that she is going to be happy with the children in that city.

kaka girlfriend

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