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In one interview the actor Kal Penn has talked about his relationship and the interview happened while he was waiting to get his hair cut done. When he was asked a question about former Kal Penn girlfriend and who was the last one that he has dated he has stated that this is not the business of the journalist or the media. And in the beginning he could not believe that this question was asked. The fact of who was the last Kal Penn girlfriend is untouchable, because he does not like to talk about his personal life. The actor got so offended that the journalist thought that there will not be an interview with him anymore that was supposed to last for a half an hour. The biggest mistake is to ask about the personal life of this actor, because he does not like to share this with other people and instead of being polite he becomes offended by this kind of question.

And the current Kal Penn girlfriend is – Single

Thus it looks like the actor was just joking, because the other moment that he looked offended passed and he was smiling again and stating that this was a joke. So it appears that he has a great sense of humor, because the journalist believed that he was offended by this and even got scared. So after this they go on with the interview. Due to the fact that his representative was also in the interview she states that Kal is just this way that he is always telling things to freak her out and apparently this works for him and she gets scared. Thus maybe this was just a smart way to finish the talks about Kal Penn girlfriend, because then they began to talk about different things about the time that he has spent in school and what he used to do in college. So it looks like Kal had plenty of friends and they used to stay up all night during college days.
It looks like the fact that Kal is strong minded could be liked by a lot of females or by the former Kal Penn girlfriend. He has a lot of will, because it takes a lot if you want to make it in Hollywood and he achieved in doing this. So it looks like Kal Penn girlfriend does not exist at the moment but this is not bad for him because he has time to do his acting.

kal penn girlfriend

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