Kanye West Girlfriend

The singer Kanye West, who is known all over the world, is in a relationship with Kim Kardashian so she can be called as Kanye West girlfriend. The two has known each other for some time and were friends even when Kim was married for a short time she did not stop talking with him and after her divorce she immediately became Kanye West girlfriend. The lucky couple is into one another and they are expecting their first baby together soon enough and they would seem happy, but there are rumors about Kanye that might destroy their relationships.

And the current Kanye West girlfriend is – Kim Kardashian

One Canadian model has spread the rumors that Kanye is having an affair with her and that Kanye West girlfriend should know it. Leyla Ghobadi states that she has slept with Kanye when Kanye West girlfriend became pregnant. The beautiful Canadian model reveals all the details how it happened without hiding anything; however the representative of Kanye denies everything that she is telling.
The rapper’s representative states that these talks are in order to make Kanye West girlfriend and Kanye to break up and that she is trying to destroy a beautiful family in order to gain fame and become known and that would help her carrier. Thus, Leyla states that this is going to destroy Kardashian family and that is she would be pregnant she would like to know that her man was cheating on her.
She states that this romance between her and Kanye happened when he saw her dancing by one of his songs in front of hotel in Atlantic City in July, 2012. Kanye West girlfriend was also at the concert and she was in the VIP zone, but it seems that Kanye has asked someone to get Leyla also into the VIP zone and there are proves filmed that he was immediately talking to someone after that particular song.
Due to the fact that Kanye West girlfriend was nowhere around to be seen Leyla states that Kanye asked her to meet in one night club and she did not go to his hotel after this, but she states that he asked her to go the other night also stating that Kanye West girlfriend and his relationship are only for the public eye. She states that then they hooked up and were having sex in his room and that they met after this the second time after few months. She notes that she did not want to reveal this until Kanye West girlfriend gave birth, because she would not do that. So what happens next we just have to wait and see.

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