Keanu Reeves Girlfriend

Keanu Reeves girlfriend was Jennifer Syme, but unfortunately she died in a car accident. The accident happened in the early morning traffic in the city of Los Angeles and it was a tragic accident. Keanu Reeves girlfriend died when her car, which was a jeep and a four wheel drive, hit three cars that were parked. It was dreadful, because when the car crashed, she was almost put of it because the crash was so big and she died instantly, there was nothing that could have been done. The crash happened at six in the morning in Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood.

And the current Keanu Reeves girlfriend is – Single

Keanu Reeves girlfriend did not maintain the control of her car and it was not clear why the accident really happened, because there was no evidence about it. The other three cars that she hit were parked by the street and they were not even moving. The collision affected the car and it began to turn, that was the reason why Keanu Reeves girlfriend was almost ejected. Thus, it was unknown if Keanu Reeves girlfriend was using drugs or alcohol during the night before the car accident.
Keanu Reeves girlfriend and Keanu himself has agreed to keep their relationships private in order not to share their emotions with other people. Also, they have not commented on the loss of their baby and when Keanu lost his woman it must have been awful for him. When their daughter died Keanu Reeves girlfriend was being treated with medicine from the back pain and she was also sick of depression and was treated from it too. Her parents stated for the press that it has been hard for her to deal with the loss.
Thus, Keanu Reeves girlfriend parents stated for the police that it is not possible that their daughter could have been using drugs, because she has never used them before in her life. However there was some kind of white powder found in her car. There was also two one dollar bills found that were rolled up in the way that people used them to take drugs.
Further Keanu Reeves girlfriend separated with him after the death of their daughter, because the sorrow was too hard to handle, but they stayed friends and when he lost her to because of some kind of reasons it was supposed to be unbearable and that might be the reason why Keanu Reeves girlfriend does not exist until now, but it is time for him to find someone else and to become happy.

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