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Keegan had many fans, because of his role in television series Pretty Little Liars and it looks that his female fans adore him and love not only his looks but the character that he is playing, Toby. Thus, Keegan Allen girlfriend status is occupied now, his girl is Chuck Grant, or at least that is what journalist’s state. Further, Keegan has been linked to many girls, so his actual girlfriend should be jealous for many women that were also called as Keegan Allen girlfriend through the time that they have been together. He has also been linked to his co-star of this television series, but these are only rumors, however there would be no rumors without reasons.

And the current Keegan Allen girlfriend is – Chuck Grant

The current Keegan Allen girlfriend likes photography and she takes up different challenges in this sphere, where she is quiet good at. Further she is the younger sister of famous singer Lana Del Ray and her full name is Caroline, but people call her Chuck. She has done a lot of photo shoots with her sister in order to promote her albums and singles that she has released, so her talent is obvious.
Keegan Allen girlfriend grew up in New York with her sister Lana, whose real name is Lizzy and her brother Charlie. She has a happy family because her mother and her father are still together and they all lived happily in the Lake Placid, where they moved when Keegan Allen girlfriend was born. The two sisters are younger than their brother who has the chance to be the one that takes care of his younger siblings.
The both sisters studied in New York and shared one apartment. Keegan Allen girlfriend was interested into photography from her early age and she studied in Parsons School, while her sister was attending Fordham College.
It seems that Keegan Allen girlfriend has recently graduated from her school and continues her carrier photographing her sister, so it is a good thing that Lana is so popular, because Chuck gets a lot of experience working with her. Keegan Allen girlfriend does not share a lot of her private life with the public as Keegan himself, so there are no obvious facts about their relationships and no comments made by one and another. The couple likes to keep it quiet and steady being together and it seems that they are doing good at it.

keegan allen girlfriend

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