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Kellan Lutz has had a serious girlfriend and that does not surprise anyone, because the amazing looking Twilight actor does have a lot to offer for woman, besides his look. His recent relationship was with the Australian actress named Sharni Vinson, but their relationships broke off in early May.

And the current Kellan Lutz girlfriend is – Single

Former Kellan Lutz girlfriend was linked to him after they met in the film Step Up 3D ‘chemistry reading’ and this happened back in 2011 the month of September, so they must have liked each other from the beginning. Even though the Twilight actor did not win his role in the movie Kellan Lutz girlfriend did appear in it as Natalie in the movie.
Kellan has told a lot of nice things about Sharni when they were together, he always gave her a lot of attention also. He has stated that Kellan Lutz girlfriend is always happy and content about things and that this has made him happy also. Further he has states that she is special, because she always made him smile and it is great to have this kind of person that makes you happy.
Kellan Lutz girlfriend has tried her abilities in acting in soap operas in the early stages of her carrier; she has been a part of television series Home and Away for a period of seven years. After this kind of experienced she tried herself out in Hollywood and succeeded.
The famous Twilight saga actor has also dated other women before Sharni, but all of his relationship came to an end. the former Kellan Lutz girlfriend is also Anna Lynne McCord and their relationship lasted for a period of two months and that is quite a long time considering being with another person. Thus, Kellan is busy after his role in Twilight, because he has other things to do now, that filming the saga ended.
Kellan Lutz is going to be the voice of Tarzan in animated film and also he is going to be seen in the movie called Syrup, which is a drama. So without finding a girl that could be called as Kellan Lutz girlfriend he has other things to do and he could not find time to go dating and giving all the attention that other person would need from him. Thus, Kellan Lutz girlfriend does not exist at the moment it would not take long for him to find one, because of his looks and character.

kellan lutz girlfriend kellan lutz girlfriend

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