Kenny Wormald

Plenty of women are going to become hard broken, because Kenny Wormald girlfriend exist at the moment and he is no longer available for anyone else and is officially of the market, not trusting only rumors, but he has stated these news himself and apparently he is serious about the new Kenny Wormald girlfriend and he is not going to be single again anytime soon. Kenny has stated during one film premiere that he is no longer available and that there is someone special in his life that he likes to be with. Thus he has stated that he is not fully committed yet and that he is still not married, but he has told that there exist Kenny Wormald girlfriend and that he is totally happy being at the place where he is right now and his relationship are perfect for him at the moment.

And the current Kenny Wormald girlfriend is – Lauren Bennett

Ever since the day when he revealed his relationships status it appears that rumors began to spread about the new Kenny Wormald girlfriend and people talk that she is the former singer of a group called Paradiso Girls. Not only this, but it appears that the band was created by the same producer that has created Pussycat Dolls, and they were both European bands and apparently Kenny was dating one of the members of Pussycat Dolls Ashley Roberts but their relationship broke off, so he must have something when it comes to women that are able to sing and he loves this type of girls.
It appears that the story is more intriguing about Kenny Wormald girlfriend and his relationship with different women, because rumors has it that he was still with Ashley when he began to like Lauren and that he broke off his relationship with Ashley just in order to make Lauren the new Kenny Wombat girlfriend and it is a good thing that he broke off his relationship and did not begin to cheat on the former Kenny Wombat girlfriend.
Thus the new Kenny Wormald girlfriend cannot trust him one hundred percent, because if he has ditched Ashley just to be with her, she cannot be sure that he is not going to ditch her if there would appear someone that would make him more interested in than the present Kenny Wormald girlfriend, but until then the couple can enjoy spending their time together and being happy and maybe they will decide to make their relationship step into the next level.

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