Kevin Hart Girlfriend

Kevin Heart girlfriend is a beautiful model that moved from Baltimore to Loss Angeles in order to continue her modeling carrier. Kevin seems to be dating Eniko for a couple of years now and she posts their pictures on her personal web pages, so it looks like they are happy together. Further she has accompanied him in his new movie premiere called Let Me Explain and she has walked along his side on the red carpet in different events such as BET Awards. It looks like he is really into the new Kevin Heart girlfriend and enjoys her company a lot. Further she travels together with him and posts pictures of their journeys also on her personal page.

And the current Kevin Hart girlfriend is – Eniko Parrish

However Kevin was married before he met Eniko. He openly declares that he has cheated on his wife, who was together with him for ten years. Their family had two children a boy and a girl. The name of his son is Hendrix and the name of the daughter is Heaven. Cheating on his wife does not get him a lot of fame, because they were not divorced when he decided to cheat her. However Kevin states that he has made mistakes and is making mistakes still, but he states that he talked about his mistakes and this led to their divorce, so know Kevin Hart girlfriend can expect him to be a better man, because he has learned from the mistakes that he made.
Kevin Hart girlfriend should be interested in his answer of the questions that were asked, because he revealed whether or not he would marry again. Kevin notes that this would be a big step in his life and he does not know if he is ready for it. At the time that he went down the aisle for the first time he did not understand how important it was and now he would love to say that he is going to do it, but he does not know how much time it would take him to get ready again.
It looks like the new Kevin Heart girlfriend is a good woman for him and for his children also, she likes to spend time with them and she does not like to open up about her personal life in public. Also the couple looks happy together and enjoying one another’s company. After the painful divorce that he had with his ex-wife Eniko is a perfect lady for him.

kevin hart girlfriend kevin hart girlfriend

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