Kevin Zegers Girlfriend

It seems that the actor that has played a role in the famous television series Gossip Girl, that attracts a lot of attention and especially from teenagers and is seen all over the world, has finally decided to be of the market and not available for permanent, or at least he thinks so right now. It looks like Kevin Zegers girlfriend is Jamie Feld and she has been with Kevin for a long time. Even though Kevin has plenty of fans among females it appears that he does not need anyone just because he has someone special in his life. And even though he plays a difficult character in the television series in real life he seems to be opposite. And Kevin Zegers girlfriend looks perfect for him because he wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

And the current Kevin Zegers girlfriend is – Jamie Field

It looks like Kevin Zegers girlfriend has been asked the important question of her life just recently, because he has asked her if she wants to become his wife. And not only that he proposed, but they wanted to have their wedding this summer, because they are not willing to wait any longer in order to become a family and be happy with each other. Further it looks like he has made the proposal perfect. He has brought everyone that is important in Kevin Zegers girlfriend life in order for them to be there during this important moment. So her parents were there and also her brother with his wife. They were all vacationing on a beach in Muskoka in Ontario. It appears that he wanted to make sure that he is making this alright and that she is going to be happy that she could tell the news for her family just as soon as he proposes.
So Kevin states that the proposal went down when they were having a walk on the beach and Kevin Zegers girlfriend looked happy. He states that it was morning and they decided to go for a walk with the dog and they went down the beach and then he proposed for Kevin Zegers girlfriend. He states that they have experienced a lot in their life and that after six years spent together it was about time to ask the question. He states that he designed the engagement ring himself and that he played in one special movie so that he could pay for the ring, so he seems to be romantic.

kevin zegers girlfriend kevin zegers girlfriend

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