Kid Cudi Girlfriend

There are no real facts about Kid Cudi girlfriend and who she might be at the moment. There are plenty of rumors but nothing is based on real facts. Thus he has had women in his life that were called as Kid Cudi girlfriend. It looks like there was a time that Amanda Bynes was called as Kid Cudi girlfriend and she has stated a lot of things about Kid on her twitter account and has been talked about for this. Thus she states that she is not doing anything wrong and the former Kid Cudi girlfriend notes that people should stop blaming her for things that are not wrong.

And the current Kid Cudi girlfriend is – Single

It appears that the former Kid Cudi girlfriend stated that one magazine is always posting articles about her and that it should stop because they are not true and she is not happy with their content. Also Kid, her former man is always mentioned by the magazine also and when she wanted to make her point she started to refer to him. It appears that the former Kid Cudi girlfriend has nothing nice to say about him and she states only bad things about her ex. She notes that his talent was always questionable for her and that his look is also not as good as he thinks. She has even referred to him as an ugly duckling. It appears that the magazine was always quoting what he is saying and it looked important so she stated that they should put his pictures on their cover. It appears that the former Kid Cudi girlfriend states that his best pictures are nothing compared to hers.
Further Amanda Bynes was called as Kid Cudi girlfriend in 2010 when she was linked to him after she made interesting posts on her account about liking chocolate more than vanilla and that she is getting a lot of attention from one guy that knows how to love her body and that this is a wonderful experience for her. Thus it looks like Kid has made songs about her and that she is wearing to much make up in order to hide her self-esteem so it seems that they both are not nice to one another and like to talk bad things about each other and this does not make sense because once in her life she was Kid Cudi girlfriend so she liked him and he liked her and now they only know how to talk bad about one another.

kid cudi girlfriend kid cudi girlfriend

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