Kobe Bryant Girlfriend

Kobe Bryant, who is a NBA star and is good as his game was married with Vanessa Bryant, but after ten years of their marriage something went wrong ant the couple decided to get the divorce. Even though plenty of people did not understand the reasons for the ending of their relationship, still the basketball star and the former Kobe Bryant girlfriend ended up their marriage after so long came to an end.

And the current Kobe Bryant girlfriend is – Vanessa Bryant

The divorce procedure of Kobe Bryant girlfriend and Kobe himself began in the December of 2011, but it looks like the couple began to reconcile and again are together and decided to end their divorce and become a family again and Kobe Bryant girlfriend can have his surname again and be happy about them getting back together again. Further, Kobe Bryant girlfriend has shared this news on her Instagram page and she looked thrilled about their reconciliation. She has stated that officially they are back together and that she has the title of Kobe Bryant girlfriend. Thus she also notes that the couple is looking forward to their future together and is planning to be happy for a long time. Further the statement was signed not only by Kobe Bryant girlfriend, but also by Kobe himself.
The first time when Kobe married Kobe Bryant girlfriend their marriage lasted for a long time, so maybe this time it will last even longer. The divorce papers were given by his wife and she stated that they are too different to be together and that is the main reason for their divorce. Further the couple has two children. Kobe Bryant girlfriend should be happy about him, because his man is trying to earn all the money that they need and as much as is offered for him.
Kobe has earned over 221 million of dollars during his years in the NBA and he gets money not only from playing his game but also from different endorsements and that can make Kobe Bryant girlfriend and their children happy, because he earns enough for all the family. And their divorce could have cost Kobe at least 75 million of dollars so this was not good for either one of them.
Further now that Kobe Bryant girlfriend is back together with him they are going on vacations with the whole family and Kobe has posted a lot of pictures of them all during their vacation, where everyone looks happy.

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