Kris Humphries Girlfriend

It looks like the NBA star is not lucky when it comes to the question of relationships and he does not have any girl that could be called as Kris Humphries girlfriend at the moment. There was a time in his life when Kim Kardashian was called as Kris Humphries girlfriend, but this did not last for a long time. Even though they became marriage after an extremely short amount of time from the time that they met each other their marriage lasted for only 72 days until they broke it off. So not only that Kim was Kris Humphries girlfriend, she was also his wife.

And the current Kris Humphries girlfriend is – Single

When Kris found out that Kim, known as the former Kris Humphries girlfriend is going out with Kanye West he stated for all of his friends that he is not angry on them or anything else, he just noted that he would like to meet Kanye and wish him good luck with Kim, because in his opinion he is going to need it. Further it looks like the former Kris Humphries girlfriend communicated with Kanye for a couple of years and when she got married to Kris she made a promise to him, that she will not talk to Kanye anymore, but it appears that Kim never kept her promise and she and Kanye talked a lot.
Another former Kris Humphries girlfriend is Lindsey Vonn, whom he has dated until his marriage with Kim was not still over. So it looks like for both of them dating other people while still married seemed a good thing to do. It appears that it looked like Kris Humphries girlfriend really had a thing for him and he was into her, but at the end she choose another man that was showing her a lot of attention, a famous golf player, Tiger Woods.
Kris Humphries is still fighting in court with Kris Humphries girlfriend and former wife Kim, because he states that she used hi in order to get more public attention and their marriage was only to have more scandals, when Kim states that she really loved him. Thus, look at her now she is pregnant from her new boyfriend Kanye. Further it looks like the women that were called as Kris Humphries girlfriend now are happy and have a steady relationships with other men, when Kris is left alone without any serious relationships and still fighting in court.

kris humphries girlfriend

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