Kunal Nayyar Girlfriend

The Indian actor Kunal has been with Kunal Nayyar girlfriend for a long time and finally in 2011 the couple decided to get married. Not only that Kunal is known because of his carrier as an actor in Indian movies, but Kunal Nayyar girlfriend named Neha Kapur is the former Miss India, so they both look perfect together. When the couple decided to get married, from the beginning it was clear that they are going to have a big Indian marriage just the way that it is supposed to be according to tradition.

And the current Kunal Nayyar girlfriend is – Neha Kapur

The couple met each other in the year 2008 when he was staying at New Delhi and Kunal Nayyar girlfriend was convinced by her friends to go to one bar and to meet him. So she recalls it that the first thing that he told her was offering to buy her a drink and the evening went fantastic even though Kunal Nayyar girlfriend could not see his face in a clear way, because he was wearing a hat and glasses, so they spent three hours just sitting and talking about everything and for Kunal it was love at first sight and he fell for her from the beginning. Further they spent all of the nine days that he was supposed to stay in the city together and after the time came for him to go home he offered Kunal Nayyar girlfriend to come to L.A. and after three weeks she was there, so they both must have felt strong for one another.
Their wedding happened for a period of six days and according to tradition, they had all kind of ceremony’s that are needed in order to get married. The first day of the wedding Kunal arrived to her on a white horse and she was wearing traditional clothes and jewelry that were the most beautiful in India. The wedding reception was held during the second day of the wedding, December 23rd and it was a big celebration and there were so many guests there about 1000. So in her traditional clothes Kunal Nayyar girlfriend looked perfect and there are plenty of pictures on the internet to prove this. So after their marriage the couple continues to live together and they seem happy. Not only that Kunal Nayyar girlfriend is beautiful, but she is also smart, she has finished her studies in fashion design so no wonder that she looks perfect all the time.

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