Lance Armstrong Girlfriend

Lance Armstrong is the famous athlete that has not so good things in his carrier and the media wonders if Lance Armstrong girlfriend will stay with him after all of his confessions that he has made. Thus, Anna’s father has talked in one interview what he thinks about his daughter’s relationship with Lance and has sated his opinion weather or not she will forgive him.

And the current Lance Armstrong girlfriend is – Anna Hansen

It appears that after the whole world has turned against Lance the only one that was most important for him stayed with him even if for unknown period of time. When the famous cyclist made his confessions about the doping usage he has lost a lot of money because of it, he does not have any sponsorship and does not do commercials and lost a lot of good contracts. It appears that Lance Armstrong girlfriend should stay with him, because her father notes that she is really strong and she is going to be by his side because he needs her the most now and her father thinks that this is not a reason to leave him.
Lance Armstrong girlfriend has been with him for a long time, because they started dating in 2008 after they got to know each other because of one charity work that they both did. Further, the couple has two children together and that is really important for them both. They have a son that was born in 200 and a daughter that was born in 2010. Thus when Lance confessed about his usage of doping in one show they decided to take their children and fly to Hawaii to have a rest there, because paparazzi have attacked them ever since the news spread.
Lance Armstrong girlfriend is to strong and is surely able to hold the pressure, as her father notes in the same interview. He also states that she is a tough girl and despite the fact that she is ten years younger than Lance she can handle it. The only thing that could get in the way for Lance Armstrong girlfriend is the fact that her man took drugs, because according to her father she would never do this, because she is a smart girl and knows what is good and what is bad.
Further Lance Armstrong girlfriend is going to have all the support that she needs from her father, because he is going to be there for her as much as she needs no matter what she decides.

lance armstrong girlfriend lance armstrong girlfriend

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