LeBron James Girlfriend

LeBron James girlfriend is Savannah Brinson and the rumors that were spread about their divorce is completely untrue. They did not even need to say anything about their felling towards one another, because their pictures revealed them perfectly and they never been broke up.

And the current Lebron James girlfriend is – Savannah Brinson

They showed up together in one event that was dedicated to charity in Miami Heat’s Motown Revue in Coral Gables. There the wives and girlfriends of Miami Heat players were given an important role. They were having an important dance contest in order to raise money for charity and they made it. They raised more than 1.3 million of dollars. LeBron James girlfriend was showing off her perfect engagement ring that he gave her, when he proposed.

LeBron James girlfriend agreed to marry him, when he finally took a chance to propose to her in the New Year’s Day in 2012. He proposed to her when the clock was striking midnight and gave her an expensive and blinding engagement ring.

The dancing event which raised a lot of money for charity once again showed how LeBron James girlfriend and LeBron himself showed their emotions towards one another and in a lovely way. they kissed when there was a chance to kiss each other and hugged and held each other hands in this way showing that they do not care what rumors does the public spread they are in love with each other without doubts.

Although people managed to spread the rumor about LeBron James girlfriend and his brake up all over the internet, they should be ashamed, because now their talks are completely denied and the loving couple showed them how their relationship are perfectly normal.

LeBron James girlfriend did not like to be on the spotlight, but since he has played for Miami Heat she cannot avoid being seen or being photographed. She also has a good hart and wants to help for all kind of charity. She likes to help children and one of her good deeds is that she managed to get a 100 prom dresses for unprivileged girls in her hometown.

LeBron states himself that his girlfriend should get used to be in the spotlight, because she could be a great example for all of those unprivileged girls and that she is strong that helps him sometimes. LeBron James girlfriend besides being good looking and having a good heart is also smart and nice and they are planning their wedding this summer.

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