Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend can be just as he likes, because he is so famous and good looking that he can get whatever girl that he wants to have. He mostly likes blonde girls with nice legs and seems not to get enough of them, je was known for partying a lot in his younger days, but right now he is still good looking even when he is 38 years old and he has a lot money and a lot of women go crazy about him and would give anything in order to become Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend.

And the current Leonardo Dicaprio girlfriend is – Toni Garrn

In 1998 Leonardo saw a nice model and he was attracted to her so much that he wanted to get to know her, so in those years Amber Valletta go to be called as Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend and strangely enough in 1999 she got to be on the cover of one magazine and soon enough she started to get roles in movies, maybe it happened because Leonardo helped her. Thus, their relationship ended and she has been forgotten long ago.
In the year 2000 Leonardo started to date Gisele Bundchen and their relationship lasted for five years until they ended in 2005. Many people thought that they looked very good together and that they were meant to be but they still went on separate ways and former Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend is now married and they still are friends.
His next one was Bar Rafaeli and she also got to have the status of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend for a long time, even six years. She was a model, as it is clear that Leonardo loves beautiful women, she had blond hair and dating Leonardo helped her carrier a lot.
He used to date an actress named Blake Lively, who is famous for her roles in television series Gossip Girl, their relationship lasted for a short tie only five months, but they managed to do a lot of activities together and people thought that maybe they would become even closer than just a couple.
Thus, his latest one is Toni Garrn , who is from Germany and is a model, she is only 20 years old, but that does not get in the way for them to spend a lot of time together and for him to give her a tour of Venice and Monaco. Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend seems to be having fun as they spend more time together and get to know each other better.

leonardo dicaprio girlfriend

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