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There are a lot of rumours about celebrities who have girlfriends. But show business world was shocked when it heard the news: Lil Wayne has announced on twitter that Lil Wayne girlfriend is not only his girlfriend anymore, she is his fiancée.
As Lil Wayne claimed himself, she only accepted him as his Valentine, but during the basketball game in LA last night she was seen wearing a diamond ring. So maybe Dhea Sodano is not Lil Wayne girlfriend anymore, she is his future wife also?

And the current Lil Wayne girlfriend is – Dhea Sodano

Well, the couple seemed to have quite a good time as they watched how LA Lakers beat the Miami Heat. And maybe they were happy because of new Lil Wayne girlfriend‘s ring?
Of course, current Lil Wayne girlfriend took an opportunity to show of the ring in front of the cameras which she got during the Valentine‘s day from one of the best known nowadays hip hop stars. They have been dating for more than a year now and music started showed off in his tweet on Valentine’s Day when he posted a tweet that she said yes.

Of course, after the rumours about Lil Wayne girlfriend becoming his wife started to spread, he realized that he was too open about this topic. Then he added that she only agreed to be his Valentine.

But someone who is really close to Lil Wayne said that the star and Lil Wayne girlfriend are really engaged.
If the couple would get married, Dhea Sodano will get the full family from the very start, because famous hip hop singer Lil Wayne already has four children even though he is still 29 years old. His first daughter Reginae was born when Lil Wayne was just 15 years old and her mother is his first school love Antonia Johnson.
They marriage, however, was quite short. It took only two years and then they divorced in 2006.

Dwayne III is Lil Wayne‘s third child who was born in 2008. It was from the former Lil Wayne girlfriend.
Ex Lil Wayne girlfriend Lauren London who is an actress, gave birth to his third child in 2009 whose name Cameron Carter.
Singer Nivea gave birth to his fourth child Neal who was born in 2009 too, the same as his sibling Cameron.
Of course, there are some rumours that there is more than one ex Lil Wayne girlfriend but we hope that this is in the past and his current lover Dhea Sodano is the one.

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