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Lindsay Lohan girlfriend used to exist and Samantha Ronson was the one that was knows as Lindsay Lohan girlfriend, but the singer decided to end their relationship, because they were not healthy to her. The singer has stated that Lindsay Lohan girlfriend was toxic for her and that was the way that she described their relationship. It appears that the couple has decided to go different ways three years ago and even though they are still friends now, Lindsay Lohan girlfriend according to her was never the right person that was meant to be with her. Thus Lindsay agrees that she has really strong emotions for Samantha and loved her so much.

And the current Lindsay Lohan girlfriend is – Single

It appears that Lindsay has a clear opinion about her relationship with the former Lindsay Lohan girlfriend. She states that even though there were emotions among them two people that are toxic cannot be with one another because that will never work in a good way for either of them. She has also stated that in order to be with someone she has to start loving herself the way that she is. Further Lindsay was going through a lot that time when they were a couple and that might get in the way for them also.
Thus Lindsay admits that leaving the former Lindsay Lohan girlfriend was really hard for her and she was left heartbroken and alone and sad as never. She states that the relationship with Samantha was serious for her and that was the reason why she had to go through a lot when it came to an end. Further, people were always asking questions and that made her even sadder. Lindsay Lohan girlfriend must have been similar to her, because she has made different things in her life that some people would not consider good for a person.
Lindsay does not blame herself for all the mistakes that she has made in her life and she states that teenagers go through a lit and try different things; however they do not end the way that she did. She has been sent to rehab for plenty of times and arrested even more times. Further she has done community work, so if the former Lindsay Lohan girlfriend was similar to her, maybe it was a good thing that this did not work out for them. She also states that she has had a bad example among her friends and it is much easier when you are surrounded be your family.

lindsay lohan girlfriend

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