Lionel Messi girlfriend

Lionel Messi has had a lot of romantic relationship with different women from different places and that he met in different situations. In the past Macarena Lemos could have been called as Lionel Messi girlfriend. They were introduced to each other by the girl’s father he must have liked Lionel a lot. It happened when he returned home after suffering an injury just before World Cup of 2006. Macarena was from the same town as Lionel himself. The name of their hometown was Rosaria.

And the current Lionel Messi girlfriend is – Antonella Roccuzzo

Although at the same time rumors had it that he was paired with Luciana Salazar Ortega a famous Argentinian model, but it seems that their relationship were not true or lasted for extremely short period of time. So she did not get to be called as Lionel Messi girlfriend.

The current Lionel Messi girlfriend is Antonella Roccuzzo a woman known for her extreme beauty. She is Argentinian and has known Lionel since their childhood, due to the fact that she is a cousin of his best friend. Thus, their relationship started only in 2009 when they fell in love after a long time of being just friends. In 2010 Lionel proposed to his girlfriend and received a positive answer so they got engaged.

Their relationship seems to be strong, but they like to keep their private life just for themselves and do not like to publish anything that is too personal for society to know. Lionel Messi girlfriend recently gave birth to their first son named Thiago. When Antonella gave birth to their son, Lionel was released from his strict training in order to participate in it and after all he wrote on his Facebook page that he was the happiest man alive.

Lionel Messi girlfriend without being beautiful is also smart and has finished her studies in Nutrition science. The couple lives an active lifestyle and they love to spend time together when they have time to do it. They like to attend all kind of event and participate in nice parties. The rumor has spread that they are planning to get married soon, but this is not supported by any real news from either one of them, although it would be about time to become a real family. Many of Lionel fans were extremely jealous when they found out about their relationship and the birth of their son.

Lionel Messi girlfriend is nice and smart and they fit together perfectly, due to the fact that they have known each other since childhood it seems obvious that their relationship are strong and based on love.

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