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It appears that the recent Louis Smith girlfriend was Billie Whyatt and when their relationship came to an end it appears that he has suffered a lot. Thus it appears that the former Louis Smith girlfriend decided to finally reveal what happened between them and that it was the gymnast that has left her and not the other way. So why did he leave her if this made him so sad and heartbroken it is not clear. It appears that even though he has stated that their split up broke his hearth he was the one that walked away from her or at least the former Louis Smith girlfriend states this way.

And the current Louis Smith girlfriend is – Single

It appears that he grew up with the former Louis Smith girlfriend and that they were known from childhood and they began their relationship, but when his carrier as a gymnast began to get off they had to end their relationship, because as the former Louis Smith girlfriend stated they both knew and that time that their relationship had to come to an end, because they were going nowhere so in 2011 they broke off. It appears that they have even been living together for a couple of months but when Louis Smith girlfriend was left alone he went back to live with his mother and she stayed at their home. She has stated to one newspaper that it was too intense with them being together, because the gymnastics got in the way.
It appears that they had a big talk before he left Louis Smith girlfriend and he has explained to her that they need a time off and that gymnastics is the first thing in his life that he needs to concentrate on this sports. Thus it appears that Louis is telling things in a different way about their relationship and their ending.
Louis has stated that he is not getting in a new relationship because he has had one in the past and because the break up was hard and painful. It appears that he is blaming the former Louis Smith girlfriend, because he notes that he used to trust her and she abused that trust. So it looks like they have different opinions about what happened and how they split up and there are no prof to trust one or another and Louis Smith girlfriend seems to be telling the truth after some time in silence and letting people think that Louis has suffered a lot but it is not clear which one suffered more.

louis smith girlfriend

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