Ludacris Girlfriend

It seems that Ludacris cannot live his life normally and happens to be involved in a fight in one night club, so why did this happen, maybe it was the fault of Ludacris girlfriend named Eudoxie Agnan? It appears that recently the rapper was involved in a fight in one night club in Atlanta where he was just having fun. The name of the club is Prive and there are even videos that show what happened. Thus it appears that Ludacris girlfriend and the rapper himself are fine after the incident and nothing bad happened to them, even though the press wanted to make a big deal out of it, so the rapper just mocks them and has posted some videos in order to do this.

And the current Ludacris girlfriend is – Eudoxie Agnan

There have been different reports about the incident and different rumors spread. There were talks that Ludacris girlfriend has been hit in the head with a bottle of vine, but that is untrue, and Ludacris is also alright, so the rumors are based on nothing, because the videos that he has posted prove that the couple is safe and that they are feeling all right.
There are some videos also posted on the YouTube that show how the fight began, but they are not as clear as people would want them to be and it is hard to understand who started the fight and what was happening in there for real. There were such reports that people made that there was a man walking to Ludacris and Ludacris girlfriend and without saying anything he smashed a bottle of vine into Ludacris head. Thus, the vine was at least reportedly expensive so that is not a bad rumor. That it is stated that Ludacris got angry and hit the man, before the security came and stopped this.
There are also different reports on other website but apparently they cannot be trusted, because the truth of what happened is hard to see. Thus no matter what was happening the most important thing is that Ludacris girlfriend can be proud of her man, because he will try to keep her safe no matter what and he is not afraid of anyone that tries to harm them. Further Ludacris girlfriend looks happy in the pictures that were posted from them after this incident so it is obvious that they are not hurt and the rumors will end someday and they can live on.

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