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The famous singer Marc Anthony appears to be dating Chloe Green again and she can be known as Marc Anthony girlfriend. After all that they have been through it appears that the couple decided to give their love a second chance and try again to make it work. Marc has slipped with Chloe last April, so they had plenty of time to be alone in order to understand their motions for each other and now they were spotted together in San Tropez, France enjoying their holiday and having fun after some time. Marc Anthony girlfriend is only 22 years old, so he is almost twenty years older than him and he could perfectly fit the place of her father. Thus, it appears that the two have met, because Anthony is friends with Green’s father.

And the current Marc Anthony girlfriend is – Chloe Green

` The former Jenifer Lopez husband Marc Anthony went public, with Marc Antony girlfriend the time when he took his two children to Disneyland and she joined them in order to spend time with his family because eventually she would like to become a part of their family. It appears that Green’s father has plenty of money of his own, because he is the founder of Topshop and that is a clothes line. So he and Marc are old friends so it looks like her father does not mind their relationship even if their age difference is really big.
A source has stated that after their first break up Marc Anthony girlfriend was devastated it appears that she did not see the brake-up coming and as extremely sad and in order to make it through she has been spending a lot of time with her family and friends, so that she did not have to think about Marc who was special in her life and made her happy. Thus it looks like finally Marc came to senses and whatever was getting in the way in order for them to be happy was removed and now again he managed to concur her hearth and they are together again.
Not only that Marc Anthony girlfriend was seen and photographed holdings hands with the singer and having a walk. There were also pictures where he was hugging her mother so it seems that not only her father does not mind their relationship, but her mother also agrees, so that their daughter could be happy with whom she loves.

marc anthony girlfriend

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