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Marilyn Manson is seen as extravagant, because of his dressing style and music that he makes. He has also appeared in different movies getting minor roles and he likes acting, further Manson knows how to achieve something in life, one of his songs was even as a commercial for a video game. Manson has had different girls in his life that were called as Marilyn Manson girlfriend.

And the current Marilyn Manson girlfriend is – Single

In 1998 Manson began his relationship with one actress named Rose McGowan and they lasted until 2001 so it was not just a short romance between two people, they were even engaged. Marilyn Manson girlfriend at that time has gone to different events with him, always wearing clothes that were provoking. In 1998 MTV Video Music Awards Marilyn Manson girlfriend wore chain-male dress. Thus, their relationships ended as she states because their lifestyle was too different.
Then in 2001 Dita Von Teese began to be known as Marilyn Manson girlfriend. These two met when he wanted her to dance in his video, but she could not do it. After this they stayed in contact and remained friend until his birthday came and Marilyn Anson girlfriend arrived with a bottle and from then they became a couple. In 2004 Manson proposed to the Marilyn Manson girlfriend and gave her a really expensive and fancy ring, so their relationship was serious.
The couple got married in 2005 in a simple ceremony in their home. However their marriage did not last for so long and in 2006 the former Marilyn Manson girlfriend asked for divorce, because according to her they were too different. It seems that Marilyn found a lover while he was still with his former wife. The former Marilyn Manson girlfriend states that he was always drinking and abused alcohol and because she did not support him in the way that he was living another women came, who gave him the support that he needed. He found Marilyn Manson girlfriend when he was acting in one horror movie and she was his co-star Evan Rachel Wood.
Apparently Marilyn Manson was keeping his relationships with Wood, because they were together and split and came back together again and in 2010 he proposed to Marilyn Manson girlfriend when he was on stage doing his performance and she said yes, but they broke of their engagement later that year.
Rumors were spread that Marilyn has women that can be called as Marilyn Manson girlfriend once and a while, but none of them were true and he is single at the moment.

marilyn manson girlfriend

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