Mario Balotelli girlfriend

There are new rumours about Mario Balotelli girlfriend. He has been very quite since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend who gave birth to his first child. But it seems that there is some new relationship to appear and a new Mario Balotelli girlfriend might be Fanny Robert Neguesh.

And the current Mario Balotelli girlfriend is – Fanny Robert Neguesh

The couple has been noticed while kissing and cuddling with each other at the football match between AC Milan and Barcelona. It looked like a new Mario Balotelli girlfriend was the only thing he was actually interested in. Mario Balotelli, a very successful footballer who is now 22 years old could not take his eyes from blonde. It looked like the match on the field was not interesting enough to distract his attention away from a new Mario Balotelli girlfriend.
Mario Balotelli joined Milan this year but could not play so that was the reason why he was enjoying his new girlfriend. What is more, it looks like new Mario Balotelli girlfriend Fanny is really comfortable around the footballer himself. She spends the time with his friends and they did the Harlem Shake video together, although Balotelli and his friends are really excited in that particular video, meanwhile Fanny looks not amused.
But new Mario Balotelli girlfriend seems to have caught up with the mood and later looked like she even enjoyed the boys jumping around her.
Isn‘t it nice that the new couple is traveling around the world together? Even though new Mario Balotelli girlfriend currently is living in Paris, she also enjoys traveling with famous footballer all around the world. What is more, the paparazzi spotted the couple enjoying they meal together and having a good time in Manchester. The only weird thing would be that the pair made so much effort in trying to avoid the pictures together; that they were successful and there are no real proves except the gossips from the media.
Actually that is quite strange that one of the most famous footballers is trying to avoid the highlights of the media. Maybe it is so because of his last girlfriend? We know that now he has a child born in December from his ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico, but it seems like he has already forgotten the flame between them and replaced her with a new Mario Balotelli girlfriend.
It is really hard to tell whether the footballer is more serious this time and maybe that is the reason why he takes the slow pace this time.

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