Mario Gomez Girlfriend

Apparently Mario Gomez girlfriend is Carina Wanzung at the moment. His former girlfriend was Silvia Meichel. it seems that Mario has spent even nine years with former Mario Gomez girlfriend that was not only his girl, but they knew each other for a long time and before becoming a couple they have been good friends. He announced that the couple has broken off their relationships in the year 2012, however he has not revealed the reasons why this has happened, so it is not clear who is to blame. And since he became single again girls had the chance to get into his heart.

And the current Mario Gomez girlfriend is – Carina Wanzung

Mario is a football player and currently he plays for the Bayern Munich FC. He is only 27 years old so it means that he started dating his ex when he was only eighteen years old and he spent most of his young years with her. But as soon as he became single, not after a long time the football player was seen with the blond model. Apparently he was spending his Christmas holiday in the Maldives Islands ad that was where the paparazzi managed to take their picture. The picture was when the new couple was kissing and showing their affection for one another so they looked happy.
Mario Gomez girlfriend is 33 years old, so she is six years older than the football player. Further she is a model that makes her living by modeling for swimwear and underwear. Due to the fact that she choose her way in modeling she has to travel a lot and has been in many places ever since her modeling work was appreciated. Thus, Mario Gomez girlfriend likes to travel for pleasure also. Mario Gomez girlfriend lives in Munich at the particular moment so she loves to go out with her friend during her free time. Also she likes to take up yoga and o fun.
Mario Gomez girlfriend was married before in her life but the marriage ended because they were too different to work. Her ex-husband states that she is a perfect woman and that he is happy because Carina is with Mario and wishes them good luck in their relationship. He has also notes that she is a great woman and worth the best from her life. As long as Mario Gomez girlfriend is happy with him their relationship will work and they both will be happy together.

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