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Not only that Mark Salling girlfriend does not exist, but his former one has sued him. Her charges are quiet ridiculous, because she accused him of forcing her to have sex with him without a condom. The former Mark Salling girlfriend is named Roxanne Gorzela and she has sued him in the eighteenth of January, so the Glee star has to defend himself. Not only that she accuses him of this strange thing, but also she notes that he has cost her a lot of emotional stress.

And the current Mark Salling girlfriend is – Single

The former Mark Salling girlfriend began to date him in the year 2010 and she claims that the incident happened, when she agreed to have sex with the 30 year old actor, but only with a condom and she states that he did not listen to her and made it without a condom. Thus she states that she protested and that the former Mark Salling girlfriend did not want to do it, but she states that he did it the second time and again using no condom.
After this the former Mark Salling girlfriend states that she tried to contact him in order to find out if he was tested for different diseases that she could have gotten from him, but he did not pick up the phone and did not answer to her. Not only that he did not pick up the phone, but when Gorzela went to see him at his home, she states that he used physical violence against her and grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Further she notes that she has suffered because of this even ore, because she hit her head during this incident. It appears that she filled the police report and gave these documents when she decided to finally sue him.
The former Mark Salling girlfriend states that he has done this on purpose and she wants to get paid for all the damages that she has suffered from him including humiliation and mental damages not only physical ones.
Thus Mark has a response to the former Mark Salling girlfriend, because his representative has notes that everything is not true, and that she is only another girl that is trying to blame a popular man in order to gain herself some popularity and that everything else will be considered in the court. Further Mark appreciates that most of his fans give him all the support and that they do not blame him and they do not trust the former Mark Salling girlfriend.

mark salling girlfriend

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