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Mark Sanchez, who is the New York Jets player, has dated a lot of beautiful women over his life and a number of them got to be called as Mark Sanchez girlfriend. There was even one girl that he dated when she was just in high school and that young lady got to be called as Mark Sanchez girlfriend, but there was a big scandal because of her age. However Mark did not do anything wrong while dating her, so the scandal was based on nothing. Legally Mark did not do anything that he could have been punished for and it is a good thing that their dating ended until it was too late.

And the current Mark Sanchez girlfriend is – Single

In 2011 there was a rumor that Kate Upton can be called as Mark Sanchez girlfriend, but it was never confirmed and there were also rumors that she is dating another man. Also the same year there were rumors that he is dating an actress named Hayden Panettire and that she can be called Mark Sanchez girlfriend, but apparently she is dating another man and these rumors are also not true.
Well the fact that he has dated Casey Reinhardt in 2009 is true, although their relationships lasted for a really short time. And Jamie-Lynn Sigler was also the real Mark Sanchez girlfriend in 2010, but they went out also only for a short time.
Mark has also dated one of the world’s best earning models named Hilary Rhoda. But as well as most of his relationships this did not last for a long. Another gorgeous woman that had the title of Mark Sanchez girlfriend was Eva Longoria, who is extremely beautiful.
The young high school girl that Mark has dated is named Eliza Kruger and her father seems to be a successful business man and she was dating Mark because she wanted to, not because of his status in society. But their relationships brought many rumors to Mark, the ones that were bad for him, so the couple split up.
So it appears that Mark Sanchez girlfriend does not exist at the moment and he is single, leaving the way for all of his fans to be happy. And although without the true girls that he has dated there are a lot of rumors about his relationships, that does not get in the way for him to be one of the best players of his team.

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